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Samantha Dahlborg @samanthadahlborg

I was an acrylic/gel girl for YEARS (and of course had to stop during COVID-19 quarantine times) and quite literally my nails were trash. They were soft, fragile and notttt cute. 

Then I found Jenn! She started selling her nails at LIT Boutique and so I was super intrigued. They’re so easy to put on, they’ve lasted me as long as 3-4 weeks and they don’t damage your nails when it’s time to take them off! In fact, I swear my nails are stronger. 

We’ve designed a few together (MEGAN is my fav 😉) and I think I have like 5 or 6 pairs now! I love that they’re reusable. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit. She even designed me a custom pair for my wedding day! Jenn is truly talented and her quality of work is absolutely incredible. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her. 

GIRL, if you’re even THINKING ABOUT IT, just do it. #supportsmall #womenowned

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